The Trillium erectum Species Complex of the Southern Appalachians. Katherine G. Mathews, PhD – November 8, 2019

Friday, November 8 – The Trillium erectum species complex of the Southern Appalachians
Presenter: Katherine G. Mathews, PhD,,  Associate Professor of Biology & Director of the Herbarium, Western Carolina University

Kathy’s presentation covered the distinctive characteristics of six Trillium species native to the Southern Appalachian region and then focused on three taxa, Trillium erectum var. erectum (red-flowered), T. rugelii, (white-flowered), and T. erectum var. album (white-flowered) and their putative hybrids. More information can be found in Christina Pampkin Stoehrel’s thesis.

A link to the Herbarium can be found here.

Ten Things to Know about Trilliums

Kathy has kindly given us permission to post her talk, which you can access here:

Trillium Erectum Species Complex of the Southern Appalachians

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