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Are You Ready to Botanize?!

Are you ready for our field trips? After all this time, do you remember the difference between Rue Anemone (Thalictrum thalictroides) and Wood Anemone (Anemone quinquifolia)? We can help! This presentation will give a quick review of how our field … Continue reading

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Biltmore Azalea Garden – April 20, 2018

We spent a wonderful sunny day viewing the Biltmore gardens and conservatory. Thanks to Wes for a real treat! You might find the following article about the creation of the Biltmore Azalea garden interesting: THE AZALEA HUNTERS OF BILTMORE  by Bill Alexander Photography … Continue reading

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Naturalists Visit Newfoundland – January 19, 2018

Jim Poling was amazed by the geology, history, culture, birds, and wildflowers on his visit to Newfoundland in July 2016. His talking about it encouraged Penny Longhurst to go in July 2017. Jim and Penny will share what they learned … Continue reading

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Estatoe Trail Mosses and Liverworts – September 29, 2017

An illustrated Mosses & Liverworts identification page based on Bonnie’s handout can be seen at https://wcbotanicalclub.org/bryophytes/ Other pictures from the field trip can be seen below. Click on any picture to zoom and view the slide show. Photography by Alice Greko & … Continue reading

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Hypericum Identification

The genus name, Hypericum, comes from the Greek words hyper meaning “above” and eikon meaning “picture” from the old custom of hanging Hypericum flowers above a picture to ward off evil spirits at the Feast of St. John, which took … Continue reading

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