Partridge berry buds (Mitchella repens)

Connestee – Lucy

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2 Responses to Partridge berry buds (Mitchella repens)

  1. Silje Fyhn says:

    Although partridge berry is both widespread and relatively abundant, individual populations may be threatened by collection of wild plants for horticulture, encroachment by invasive exotic plants and habitat destruction.To see and learn more about interesting species of plants native to Virginia, visit our and contact your local chapter of VNPS (details on website) for the times and dates of programs and wildflower walks in your area. Text by W. John Hayden; Illustrations by Nicky Staunton and W. John Hayden; Photos by Richard Stromberg, Richard Moss, and Gary Fleming; Brochure Layout by Nancy T. Sorrells; Web format by Deanna High.


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