Kellogg Center – June 3, 2022

The Kellogg Center was originally the summer residence of Kathryn A. Kellogg, who bequeathed the property to Wake Forest University in 1969. In 1987 it became the property of UNC Asheville, which used it as an educational and community conference center. The property includes two buildings and 46 acres of land. The Perry N. Rudnick Nature and Public Art Trail, which opened in May 2002, includes three distinct ecosystems – the trillium and fern wetland, a hardwood forest with rhododendron and mountain laurel, and the wildflower meadows. Perry Rudnick was a local philanthropist whose foundation supported arts and culture, conservation, education, health and human services, and youth activities. A grant from his foundation supported the 14 commissioned outdoor sculptures found along the trails and described in the following brochure: Map of Rudnick Art Trail at Kellogg Center. Photography by Ken Borgfeldt, Jennie Bradbury, Penny Longhurst, Randy Richardson, & Joe Standaert. Jennie’s picture of the Trillium rugelii was taken in April and confirmed our identifications. Plants that are non-native to North America are indicated by an asterisk (*) placed after the species name. Click on any picture to zoom and view the slide show.

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