Sky Valley Road Scout – June 16, 2021

Richard wrote: Was eager for a visit to Sky Valley, realizing it was a bit early for my goal to photograph a Diana butterfly (Speyeria diana). I saw a black and orange male Diana for the first time last year in July as this species does not occur in Michigan. At about 15 feet it quickly flew away not to be seen again so maybe there is hope this year. The female is black with blue iridescence. Two plants not found before along the road were the Clasping Milkweed and Narrow-leaved Skullcap near the Guion Farm Parking area. My overall impression was dryness along the road and not finding some species seen last year around the same time. There was a small fire early Spring on the left side of the road near the Frat Rock Trail that damaged the nice Kalmia shrubs and burned into the woods a little. Will visit again towards the end of July which seems to be the most floriferous period. Photography by  Richard Holzman. Click on any picture to zoom.

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