Plants on Randy’s One Acre..

Randy writes….
“I certainly miss the fellowship and learning of the WCBC, but like everyone else am trying to make the best of a bad situation during the pandemic.  My wife and I have been exceedingly cautious and therefore have avoided single track trails, so I’ve had to keep my botanizing close to home.  I spent the first half of the year getting the upper hand on the invasives on our one acre + property just east of Asheville.  With the bad guys mostly under control I finally found time to work on my photography skills via online training and videos.  The native wildflowers in the neighborhood have been the perfect subject to practice on.  The attached photos document some of the more interesting or attractive wildflowers I’ve found in late summer and fall.  There is one non-native here; Geranium sibirica.  I included it because the FDA says it is rare in our area, despite our being blessed (?) with plenty in our back yard.  Had a devil of a time identifying it since it isn’t in any of my field guides.  Looking forward to hitting the trails with everyone next year once a vaccine gives us back our freedom.”
Photography by Randy Richardson.

Plants that are non-native to North America are indicated by an asterisk (*) placed after the species name.

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