Parkway South Scout – September 2020

Stops included Courthouse Valley Overlook, Graveyard Fields/Second Falls Overlook, Herrin Knob Overlook, Pigeon Gap, Pounding Mill Overlook, Wolf Mountain Overlook, & many other interesting spots in between!

Photography by Richard Holzman & Penny Longhurst. Click on any picture to zoom.

Plants that are non-native to North America are indicated by an asterisk (*) placed after the species name.

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3 Responses to Parkway South Scout – September 2020

  1. NJUrbanForest says:

    Love the photos as always! I have never heard of a Grape Fern, I don’t believe it is here in NJ. I have Panicled Hawkweed growing in my yard (iNaturalist had identified it as Nipplewort but apparently that is a common error of the application). I just found Whorled Wood Aster growing in the woods near my house.


    • WCBC says:

      Hmm. According to the USDA website you might see Dissected Grape Fern (Botrychium dissectum) or Leathery Grape Fern (Botrychium multifidum) in NJ.
      Whorled asters are great! Saw loads of them in Maine. Only at the high elevations down here

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      • NJUrbanForest says:

        It’s quite possible, I may encounter them on a future walk in the woods. They are neat! It was my first time seeing them. I look forward to more of your posts!


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