Parkway South Scout – July 20, 2020

BAD NEWS! The mowers have taken out the large Turk’s Cap Lily seen near Wolf Mountain Overlook on July 13 (hard to believe they couldn’t see it!), as well as loads of other unique plants and left deep, wet, muddy ruts for several hundred yards along the Parkway. What a shame!

Joe and Mary drove down the Parkway making stops between the Frying Pan Mountain trailhead and Wolf Mountain Overlook. Jim stopped at Sam Knob Meadow and Wolf Mountain Overlook. Penny hiked a short distance on Bear Pen Gap trail, stopping at Wolfie on the way to the trailhead.

Photography by Penny Longhurst, Jim Poling, & Joe Standaert. Click on any picture to zoom.


Plants that are non-native to North America are indicated by an asterisk (*) placed after the species name.

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