What Is It?

June 26, 2017 – Small plant spotted on the Mountains to Sea trail near Greybeard Overlook in large masses. Plants are only 6 – 8 inches high, have a pair of opposite mid-stem leaves and then two pairs of opposite leaves at end of stem, so looking down, it looks like a whorl of four. This week the plants had a fuzzy, whitish, hard, splitting “fruit(?)” in the center. Earlier this month we did not see any obvious flowers. Most of the plants are now turning yellow and starting to look like they are on the way out. If you have any idea(s) what this might be, please send us an email at wcbotanicalclub@gmail.com or post a comment below.

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1 Response to What Is It?

  1. joe says:

    thinking late summer foliage for star chickweed, Stellaria pubera.


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