Death Valley – 2016 Wildflower Super Bloom – February 17, 2017

Death Valley

Presenters: Joe and Mary Standaert. Death Valley is the hottest, driest place on the entire North American continent. But once every 10 years or so, something magical happens: The valley explodes with a rare floral “super bloom,” in which its native plants literally spring to life. Death Valley started a super bloom in early January, 2016 after three rainstorms hit back in October 2015, spurring wildflower growth which carpeted the desert with thousands of colorful wildflowers. The last super blooms were in 1998 and 2005, also El Nino years. We planned to go in 2015, but could not make it, and booked a camping trip for March 2016, not knowing about the bloom ahead of time! We came home with “only” 1,600 photos!

If you missed seeing Joe’s presentation, or would like to look again, he has posted his pictures online at Death Valley Superbloom.

AND.. if you missed the previous presentations on their trips to Alaska or Glacier, click on the names.


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