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The Atlantic – June 4, 2019
Gabriel Popkin – What All the Affection for Monarch Butterflies Misses

Asheville Citizen-Times – February 13, 2019
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Get ready for wildflower season

Asheville Citizen-Times – February 6, 2019
Paul Moon – Exhibit highlights Polaroid instant film in an Instagram age.
The article describes Jay Kranyik’s  “Forever in an Instant” exhibition which is on show at Mars Hill University’s Weizenblatt Gallery through February 8. Jay is a botanist and garden manager for the Botanic Gardens at Asheville,

Asheville Citizen-Times – February 6, 2019
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Native pines of WNC

New York Times -September 3, 2018
Margaret Renkl – The Last Butterfly. The Eastern monarch is in trouble, and this is the time to help (no science degree needed).

Asheville Citizen-Times – August 15, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: The unique flowers of grass-of-Parnassus

Northern Woodlands magazine – June 20, 2016
Meghan McCarthy McPhaul – Jack-in-the-Pulpit, or is that Jill?

Asheville Citizen-Times – June 27, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Bittersweet displays vibrant colors from mid-summer into late fall

Asheville Citizen-Times – June 20, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: A look inside the mountain laurel flower

Asheville Citizen-Times – June 6, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Yellow birch isn’t yellow and may not look like birch

Asheville Citizen-Times – May 9, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Here’s the best shrub to grow in Western NC

Club Member, Buffy Wells, won a first and two second prizes for her Azaleas at the Southeastern Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society’s Rhododendron and Azalea Flower Show held on Saturday April 28, 2018. Here are her prizewinning exhibits:

Asheville Citizen-Times – April 11, 2018 – Where can you go hiking in WNC to see spring wildflowers?
Karen Chavez writes about Jim Parham’s new book, “Wildflower Walks & Hikes: North Carolina Mountains.”

Asheville Citizen-Times – March 14, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Bird’s nest? Mistletoe? Nope, it’s witch’s broom

Asheville Citizen-Times – March 8, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: The beauty and utility of bloodroot

Asheville Citizen-Times – February 28, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Where to find spring wildflowers – and why they’re there

Asheville Citizen-Times – February 21, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: What’s that speck of green in the winter mountains?

Asheville Citizen-Times – January 28, 2018
George Ellison – Nature Journal: WNC vines that don’t take the winter off

Botany Nerd blog – North Carolina’s Grass-of-Parnassus Species

Transylvania Times – November 13, 2017
Owen Carson – Pondering The Past, Looking Towards The Future

Asheville Citizen-Times – October 18, 2017
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Gentians, bumblebees and blue brandy

Asheville Citizen-Times – September 21, 2017
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Hearts-a-bustin’ is a fruit of fall

Blue Ridge Outdoors – August 1, 2017
Will Harlan – Your 1 Million Acres: The Future of the Pisgah-Nantahala National Forest Belongs to You.

Transylvania Times – July 20, 2017
Matt McGregor – DuPont Wildflowers, Waterfalls Inspire Book.
Article about club member Rosemarie Knoll’s book,  “Wildflowers and Waterfalls of DuPont State Forest”

Asheville Citizen-Times – March 30, 2017
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Know the secrets of spring wildflowers

Asheville Citizen-Times – February 9, 2017
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Shortia a floral ‘crown jewel’ of WNC

Asheville Citizen-Times – November 30, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Meet your Christmas tree, a ‘she-balsam’

Asheville Citizen-Times – October 19, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: That iridescent purple may be ironweed

Asheville Citizen-Times – October 12, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Appreciate leaves for more than color

Asheville Citizen-Times – October 5, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: The unique qualities of the yellow birch

Asheville Citizen-Times – September 21, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Ferns en masse are a sight to behold

Asheville Citizen-Times – September 15, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: The beauty of mountain ash or rowantree

90secondThe 90-Second Naturalist for Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Exotics Spreading Like Weeds

Non-native Plants in U.S.: Widespread, and Plenty of Space to Invade. UMass Amherst researchers use new methods to survey native vs. non-native plants. January 20, 2015

Jim Fowler Photography blogjim Fowler
Fall orchids and other wildflowers in the Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina — 2016-09-10

Asheville Citizen-Times – September 12, 2016
Mike Cronin – Black cohosh: WNC’s next cash crop?

Asheville Citizen-Times – September 8, 2016
Karen Chávez – Emerald ash borer decimating trees in WNC

Field Guide to the Southern PiedmontField Guide to the Southern Piedmont

Faculty at the University of South Carolina Upstate in Spartanburg recently completed a free field guide to organisms living here in the Piedmont of the Carolinas and Georgia. The Field Guide to the Southern Piedmont is a picture-based identification guide to over 700 species in the region and it includes common animals, plants, fungi, slime molds, animal tracks, skulls and bones, rocks, minerals, and nature sounds. They created the field guide to help the general public easily identify and learn about common organisms they may encounter in their backyard or while hiking a local trail. The field guide can be downloaded as an eBook for free to any electronic device from www.uscupstate.edu/fieldguide and the picture for most species will hyperlink to a reputable website with natural history information.

Jim Fowler Photography blogjim Fowler
Pollination observations in the Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina — 2016-08-09 – 2016-08-16

Asheville Citizen-Times – August 24, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Use your nose to find skunk goldenrod

Northern Woodlands Magazine – May 7, 2012
Thomas K. Slayton – The Humble (yet Devilish) Hobblebush

Asheville Citizen-Times – August 17, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Of cardinal flowers and hummingbirds

Asheville Citizen-Times – August 4, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: 1,500+ plants are found only near here

Hendersonville Times-News  – July 31, 2016
Peter Barr – Ulinski’s Vision Lives On
(Or see original article – Pages 1 and 2)

Asheville Citizen-Times – July 13, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: The beauty of the butterfly weed

Asheville Citizen-Times – July 7, 2016
Karen Chávez – Take a walk and talk on Oklawaha Greenway

Asheville Citizen-Times – July 6, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Among WNC flowers, small still beautiful

Asheville Citizen-Times – June 23, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Identifying WNC ferns can be a fun challenge

Transylvania Times – June 9, 2016
Park Baker – Native Americans Used Trees As Special Markers

Asheville Citizen-Times – June 9, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Lady’s slipper pollinated via ‘funhouse tunnel’

Asheville Citizen-Times – May 19, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: So how do vines know where to cling?

Bold Life – April 28, 2016
Featured an interview by Melanie McGee Bianchi with Club member Bonnie Arbuckle about the Bullington Gardens Wildflower ID workshop.

Asheville Citizen-Times – April 28, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Smokies silverbells can be lovely giants

Transylvania Times – August 20, 2015
James Lewis – Searching For The DAR Memorial Forest – Brevard NC

Transylvania Times – April 25, 2016
Article by Club member, Susan Sunflower – Arbor Day: Why are trees important?

HolmesThe Talking Forest – Holmes Educational State Forest Newsletter
Volume 1, Edition 2, Spring 2016


BlueRidgeNow.com – March 27, 2016BlueRidgeNow
Peter Barr – 30,000 reasons to love our mountains

Jim Fowler Photography blogjim Fowler
“Bloody” Wednesday at Nine Times — 2016-03-24

Asheville Citizen-Times – March 23, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Spicebush is both ornament and habitat

Jim Fowler Photography blogjim Fowler
Fun Day trip to upstate South Carolina with new friends — 2016-03-20

jim FowlerJim Fowler Photography blog
Nothin’ but Trout Lilies — 2016-03-09

Nantahala and Pisgah Forest Plan Documents

Asheville Citizen-Times – March 2, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: Winter a fine time to spot orchids

Asheville Citizen-Times – February 20, 2016
Karen Chávez – Help the hellbenders: Don’t move the rocks

Asheville Citizen-Times – February 18, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: What are earliest spring wildflowers?

Asheville Citizen-Times – February 12, 2016
Rob Neufelt’s “Portraits of the Past”  column includes material from Club members Joe and Mary Standaert’s book “Swannanoa Valley” to illustrate “Point Lookout” .

Transylvania Times – February 8, 2016
Club member Aleta Tisdale of the Brevard Philharmonic seeks used musical instruments for Transylvania County schools

Transylvania Times – February 1, 2016
Gary Peeples – Pitcher Plants

Asheville Citizen-Times – January 14, 2016
George Ellison – Nature Journal: WNC’s bamboo is often hill cane

Transylvania Times – December 15, 2015
Torry Nergart – Tagging Migrating Monarch Butterflies in Transylvania County for MonarchWatch

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