Indoor Meeting Schedule: 2019- 2020

All programs are held in the Hicks Room at the Bullington Gardens, 95 Upper Red Oak Trail, Hendersonville, NC 28792 unless otherwise stated.

PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE: The programs will begin at 10:00 a.m.

Programs are cancelled if Hendersonville schools are closed due to weather conditions. Information on school closings can be found on most local radio and TV stations and on the internet at

Friday, January 10 – Who Was That Botanist?
Presenter: Mary Standaert
We study our plants, but what do we know about our botanists? Who were they? What were their stories? What did they contribute to our understanding of the natural world? This is a look at the rich history and their personal and scientific lives with a special emphasis on the lives and works of Carolus Linnaeus and Mrs. William Starr Dana, whose lives spanned 200 years of botanical history.

Friday, January 17 – For The Love of Trees
Presenter: Cindy Carpenter
Trees, so common in our lives yet each one unique, hold lessons about our environment and symbolism for us humans. In this collaborative session we’ll discuss what we know about trees using a framework written by Dr. Carl Alwin Schenck – forester, tree lover and Director of the historic Biltmore Forest School. Maybe we’ll all learn something new. We might even deepen our love of trees.

Friday, January 24 – Fern Identification
Presenter: Rosemarie Knoll
Rosemarie’s presentation will cover the identification of approximately 20 different native fern species. The first portion will be a slide presentation to discuss the parts of a fern (frond, pinna, petiole, rachis, and sorus) and the key things to look for in identifying a species (shape of the pinna, shape of the apex of the frond, length and characteristics of the petiole/stipe, and shape of the sorus). The second half of the program will be a hands-on workshop where attendees can study dried specimens of each of these ferns on large 18 x 24 inch boards. Bring a loupe or magnifier to help you look at the specimens!

Friday, January 31 – Fleshy Fruit to Femelschlag: an overview of Forest Research on Bent Creek Experimental Forest
Presenter: Julia Kirschman, US. Forest Service

Friday, February 7 – The Extinct Plants of North America north of Mexico with a focus on North Carolina extinctions
Presenter:  Wesley Knapp
Species extinction is a permanent event that we as a conservation community strive to prevent. As we progress through the Anthropocene, the extinction rates of plants and animals are expected to increase, and some biodiversity hot-spots are projected to become centers of extinction. Mr. Knapp will discuss the study of the first effort to quantify the extinction rate of the vascular flora of North America, north of Mexico.

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